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A Lenten message from the Dean

Dear Trinity Friends,

We’re a week into our Lenten journey, and I trust that some of you are now knee-deep in the mud of growing a rule of life. Perhaps, you’ve planted some seeds and are waiting for them to sprout. Maybe, you’re still tilling the soil and planning your garden plot, even moving some rocks buried underground.

I’m getting started as well. Part of my Lenten journey is going on a CREDO. CREDO is a program of the Episcopal Church Pension Fund. As the CREDO website promises: “CREDO encourages participants to rediscover the passionate essence of their life and ministry in the context of their faith, their relationships, and community. Through the strength of a holistic approach to wellness, participants are invited to examine their minds, bodies, spirits and hearts by examining four significant areas of their lives: spiritual, vocational, financial and health.”

A CREDO Conference is a retreat – time away, time unplugged. In September 2001, I went to CREDO. My first CREDO morning was interrupted by planes flying into the World Trade Center. As you can imagine, all I wanted was to be home in Cleveland with all of you. So, I returned on the first flight out of the San Francisco airport.

Fifteen years later, I’m going to give CREDO another try. I will leave on Wednesday, February 24 and return on Tuesday, March 1. I am very excited, and I intend to unplug. As always, in my absence, Trinity will be in the good hands of my colleagues. I will hold you all in my prayers, and ask that you do the same for me.

I hope to return with a renewed rule of life – a CREDO plan – as they say, and ready to plant our new garden overlooking Lake Erie.

I hope that you will attend to your rule of life by joining the Wednesday evening class, using your workbook, enjoying the email meditations from the Society of St. John the Evangelist I also hope you will register for our Lenten retreat on Saturday, March 5.

Many blessings,






From the Dean: Action of Anglican Primates

According to the Episcopal News Service: “A majority of Anglican primates January 14 asked that the Episcopal Church, for a period of three years, “no longer represent us on ecumenical and interfaith bodies, should not be appointed or elected to an internal standing committee and that while participating in the internal bodies of the Anglican Communion, they will not take part in decision making on any issues pertaining to doctrine or polity.”

As I said during the announcements on Sunday, I understand this action akin to asking the Episcopal Church to take a “time-out” and stand in the corner for our full inclusion of the LGBT community.  It’s not an easy pill to swallow, but it’s not the end of the world or the Episcopal Church’s involvement in the Anglican Communion. [Read more…]

GCC Op-Ed on Tamir Rice Grand Jury Proceedings

The following letter was submitted to by Greater Cleveland Congregations co-chairs: Rabbi Joshua L. Caruso, Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple; The Very Rev. Tracey Lind, Trinity Cathedral; and Pastor Richard Gibson, Elizabeth Baptist Church.

Western religions generally counsel against pure anger. In scripture, God is lifted up as one who is “slow to anger.” Indeed, being slow to anger is aspired to as a virtue for every living being. Yet there are times when anger serves us well – when it is harnessed to confront society’s systemic ills and catalyze change.

We are deeply saddened, extremely frustrated, and – yes – angered by the pattern of failed justice and lack of accountability for fair legal processes that once again is evidenced in the Tamir Rice Grand Jury proceedings and the all-too-predictable decision orchestrated by County Prosecutor Tim McGinty. [Read more…]

Dean Lind’s Photography Exhibit at Judson

TLPhotoJudsonExhibitAs many of you know, while building a new home in Gordon Square, Dean Lind and Emily Ingalls are temporary residents at Judson Manor, 1890 East 107th Street. As a gift to Judson for their hospitality, Dean Lind has hung her photography exhibits “Looking for God” and “Interrupted by God” on the 11th floor corridor. If you have time and find yourself in University Circle, stop by for a look. Here’s what Dean Lind has written about these photographs: [Read more…]

Dean Lind’s Remarks at Preterm Clinic

On Thursday, Oct. 8 interfaith clergy gathered at an East Side abortion clinic to bless the building. Tom Feran’s article in the Plain Dealer about the blessing can be read online. Below are the remarks made by Dean Lind.

My name is Tracey Lind. I am the Dean of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Cleveland’s oldest religious institution.  [Read more…]

Dean Lind Away for August

Dean Lind will be away for the month of August. While vacationing on Cape Cod, she will serve as Priest-in-Charge of The Chapel of St. James the Fisherman on Rt. 6 in Wellfleet, Mass. If you’re on the Cape next month, join her for Sunday worship. Services are at 7:30 and 9:30 a.m. [Read more…]

From the Dean

Dear Friends in Christ,

On Wednesday we witnessed another horrific act of racial hatred and violence in this country as nine individuals were murdered while worshipping at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, S.C.  [Read more…]

From the Dean: 2015 Annual Meeting Dean’s Address

Jesus said, “I am the vine and you are the branches.” What a great image for our Annual Meeting Sunday. There are many ways for the modern listener to interpret this phrase: Jesus is the vine, and his followers are the branches; the Church of Christ is the vine, the various denominations of Christianity are the branches; The Episcopal Church is the vine, and dioceses are the branches; the Diocese of Ohio is the vine, and its congregations are the branches; or Trinity Cathedral is the vine, and our members, friends, staff, and users are the branches. I prefer the universalist approach: God is the true vine, and we are all the many branches. [Read more…]

From the Dean: Discovering God in the Intersection of Sacred Space and Music

A Sermon Preached by The Very Rev. Tracey Lind, Dean of Trinity Cathedral
Third Sunday of Lent 2015 – March 8, 2015

In this morning’s gospel reading, Jesus has arrived in Jerusalem – just before the Passover. I imagine it was like the day before Christmas in a suburban mall. The streets were bustling with activity; women were picking up last minute items for the Seder meal; children were running around excitedly poking their heads in and out of shops; and men were gathered in small groups talking about religion and politics. The Temple, located in the center of it all, was equally crazed. This house of prayer was more like a sprawling religious market, roughly the size of two football fields. There were thousands of pilgrims, hundreds of merchants, and yes, the moneychangers. [Read more…]

From the Dean: We’ve Missed You

Dear Friends,

It certainly has been a long, cold, snowy winter; and that has taken its toll on all of us, including Trinity Cathedral. We’ve had to cancel and delay events and reschedule meetings. We’ve also had smaller congregations for worship, which is no surprise, since many of our big snowfalls and storms hit on Saturday night and Sunday morning. So, we just wanted to say hello! [Read more…]

A Thank You from the Dean

Dear Trinity friends,

Please accept this note of thanks for all the love, charity and patience you gave to Emily and me over the past couple of months. Your support while my mother was dying means more to me than words can express. [Read more…]

From the Dean – Team Trinity and Gay Games 9

Team Trinity earned a medal for hospitality last week as we welcomed visitors from all over the world who attended and participated in the Gay Games 9. It began on Saturday, when our fabulous Flower Guild decorated the Cathedral with flags and rainbow streamers. Throughout the week, people commented on our open doors with the banners: “GOD LOVES YOU, NO EXCEPTIONS” and the rainbow flag welcoming those passing by. 


Mayor Frank Jackson and The Rt. Rev. Martín De Jesús Barahona

On Saturday evening, I had the privilege of accompanying to the opening ceremony The Rt. Rev. Martin de Jesus Barahona, Bishop of the Episcopal Anglican Church in El Salvador. After enjoying refreshments and speeches at the VIP party, and meeting lots of local officials, the Bishop accompanied the Salvadoran delegation into the Quicken Loans Arena. 

Sitting in some of the best seats in the house with Trinity intern Chris and Building Steward Colleen, we watched this amazing procession of LGBT athletes from all over the world walk proudly onto the stage. Overwhelmed with emotions, I couldn’t stop crying, but neither could Connie Schultz. It was an incredible evening of music, dance, cheerleading, speeches and rainbow colors.  And it was lots of fun to see so many Trinity members, especially singing in the chorus.GG9OpeningRainbowTL

On Sunday, we extended a special welcome to the Salvadoran and Columbian teams whom we help to sponsor. Bishop Barahona preached a powerful sermon about inclusion, love, acceptance and justice and then offered his blessing. That afternoon, the Lind-Ingalls clan hosted the bishop and members of the Salvadoran and Columbian teams, along with their host families for an old-fashioned American cookout and swimming party on the shores of Lake Erie. 

On Monday, the games were in full force with Trinity members holding their own in badminton and running, winning medals in swimming and tennis, practicing for the big concert, volunteering at the registration tables, assisting with the sailing. And yes, the Columbians were leading the pack in volleyball. 

On Monday night, Trinity hosted the interfaith worship service. Our LGBT Team ushered  guests into the nave. Bishop Baharona, Bishop Arthur Williams and I greeted the congregation. We heard powerful preaching from national LGBT faith leaders, and the Mt. Zion UCC choir raised the roof with their music. Yes, there were protesters – two of them – and the media ignored them. And speaking of media, our own Ed Metz had wonderful words to say to the Channel 19 reporter. 

GG9GalleryTalkTLOn Tuesday, Bishop Arthur and Lynette Williams joined Bishop Baharona for a fun-filled day of volleyball in Cleveland and softball in Akron. Tuesday night, the cathedral welcomed PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) for a potluck and panel discussion in the Gallery with the Latin American athletes.

Speaking of the Gallery:  In partnership with the Campus District, Inc., Music and Art at Trinity hosted a photo exhibit entitled, “Love Makes a Family.”LoveMakesAFamilyPoster 

One young gallery visitor wrote in the comments book:  





On Wednesday, Emily and I attended the Pink Flamingos: an event billed as synchronized swimming, but ended up as a spoof on life in the big city. It was great fun to see Mayor Jackson laughing with the crowd. 

On Friday, the Cathedral again shined in glory as we hosted the Womyn’s Dance. Transforming the nave into a dance hall, we welcomed some 350+ women for a fun-filled event on a warm summer night. I can’t tell you how many women said that they couldn’t believe they were really welcome to be themselves in a church, much less a cathedral. Thanks to our fabulous team of building stewards, the cathedral was put back in order so that we could worship on Sunday.   

GG9 was a great achievement of hospitality and inclusion for Greater Cleveland and Akron. The sidewalks, restaurants, bars, parks, beaches, and public venues were vibrantly full of people having a good time and being healthy. Again, thanks to all who served on Team Trinity for demonstrating in word and action our commitment to radical hospitality. 


Clergy Staff Transition

A Note from Dean Lind

Photo: The Rev. Sahra Hardin


It is with mixed feelings that I announce a transition in our clergy staff. On July 31, the Rev. Sahra Harding will complete her three-year curacy at Trinity Cathedral. For those of you who might not know, a curate is a time-limited job for a newly ordained priest. Sahra came to us in the summer of 2011 and has served as our associate for children, youth, families and young adults. [Read more…]

A Letter from Dean Lind

Dear Trinity Members and Friends,

The time has come. Ever since the Rev. Will Mebane came to us as a transitional deacon in the late fall of 2009, I’ve known that one day I would have to write this letter. That is the case with newly ordained clergy – they usually move on to serve other congregations. [Read more…]

From the Dean: Hide-and-Go-Seek – The Shrove Tuesday Sacrament

HideAndSeekShroveTuesdayLast night Trinity Cathedral hosted our annual Shrove Tuesday party. This year we chose a Mardi Gras theme (most appropriate for 7 degree winter weather). Instead of pancakes, we had gumbo, jambalaya (meat and vegetarian), and cornbread, jelly donuts and king cakes. We had masks and beads, and we ate and danced to the music of eight-o’clocker Bob Gref’s band, The Dixielanders. Because of the extremely cold weather, we couldn’t use the Cathedral Hall, so we gathered in the cathedral itself.  Colorful round tables were set, the band used the altar platform as a stage, and the dinner buffet was in the east transept. But we had one challenge: where would we play our annual game of hide-and-go-seek? [Read more…]


Summer Sundays - services at 8 and 10 a.m. Come casual and cool!