Medicaid Expansion Action Assembly

Thursday, Jan. 24  7 p.m.
Olivet Institutional Baptist Church (8712 Quincy Ave, Cleveland)

Trinity has committed to having a minimum of 100 people attend this important event. When you arrive, please register and look for the Trinity section to sit as a group. In advance of the assembly, the Very Rev. Tracey Lind is hosting a Dean’s Forum on the topic on Sunday, Jan. 13 at 10:10 a.m.

Greater Cleveland Congregations has helped form a state-wide coalition of organizations, businesses, health care providers, churches and other groups that support Ohio Medicaid expansion. As part of GCC’s efforts, there will be a Medicaid Expansion Action Assembly on Jan. 24 to show the area’s support for this issue. You can learn more by visiting the Ohio Alliance for Health Transformation website. GCC has also provided the following policy brief:

Why are we talking about Ohio Medicaid Expansion?
• The Affordable Care Act (the national health care law) called for and funded the expansion of the Medicaid program, which provides quality health
insurance to millions of poor Americans.
• The Supreme Court ruled that the Federal Government cannot compel states to expand Medicaid. Now the decision to expand Medicaid in Ohio is up to the Governor and legislature of Ohio.

Who does Ohio Medicaid Expansion help?
• There are currently 600,000 uninsured Ohioans at the bottom of the income spectrum who would get health insurance if Ohio moves forward with the Medicaid Expansion.
• These 600,000 include unmarried childless adults making less that $15,000/year, and parents making between roughly $20,000-30,000 (under
138% of the federal poverty level).  It includes working families, homeless people, empty nesters, ex-offenders, and the recently unemployed.

What will this cost Ohio?
• Medicaid Expansion will cost Ohio NOTHING for the first three years, and will then slowly increase to 10% of the cost of covering these Ohioans.
• Medicaid Expansion will generate SIGNIFICANT REVENUES for Ohio through increased sales tax, income tax, and economic activity.
• Medicaid Expansion will generate SIGNIFCANT COST SAVINGS to state and local budgets by covering things like health care for the prison population and mental health services.
• It is projected that Medicaid Expansion will bring in more through revenue and savings than it will cost, helping to free up state budget resources for other priorities.

What happens if Ohio doesn’t expand Medicaid?
• 600,000 Ohioans will remain uninsured, suffering from reduced quality of life and increased mortality.  Lives will be lost or ruined through unnecessary suffering and medical debt.
• Ohio’s hospitals, a major economic engine, will be put at financial risk because the Affordable Care Act has cut their payments in order to pay for the Medicaid expansion.
• Insured individuals and small businesses will see rising health care costs as the burden of paying for the uninsured is shifted onto private insurance plans.