Monday, March 26—The Annunciation

Pray without ceasing.

—I Thessalonians 5:17

It is an attitude of the heart. It is not resting on our knees on the stone cold pavement of an ancient church from one dawn until the next. When we are in love, there is a constant gentle abiding in the presence of our beloved, even though we may not be physically together in space and time. We can feel their presence as surely as we can feel the wind brushing coolly against our face on a fresh spring day. While we go about our normal activities and responsibilities, we may find ourselves silently speaking to them from our heart, but even without words, we know our hearts are one.

To pray continually is to feel a love for God so deep that it becomes a shroud of presence in our heart. There, in our own heart, we are able to meet God in prayer no matter what events are taking place around us. In the silence of that beating place, the contents of our heart are spilled out into the heart of heaven. We may at times stop what we are doing and consciously speak words to God. At other times, we may simply ask God to read our heart. Or, unexpectedly, during an important meeting, or while changing a diaper, or while doing our grocery shopping, our heart will suddenly feel so close to God, that words of exclamation and love escape our lips unbidden. Because we are eternally entwined with God, it doesn’t take arduous effort to pray without ceasing. It only requires that our heart be full of love for God.

—Renée Miller

2012 Lenten Meditations, Episcopal Relief and Development


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