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Fourth Week of the Bible Challenge

I love you, O Lord, my strength.
The Lord is my rock, my fortress, and my deliverer,
My God, my rock in whom I take refuge,
My shield, and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.
(Psalm 18:1-2)

It’s been a wild 48 hours so I’m slow in getting this weekly Bible Challenge email message to you.  My apologies!

Now in Week 4, we’re reading the Exodus – the great tale of liberation.  I invite you to imagine yourself in this drama.  Consider what it must have been like to be slaves in Egypt, serving Pharaoh and building his great pyramids.  In your mind’s eye, witness the plagues, experience the night of Passover, and walk across the Red Sea.  Think about journeying into the wilderness, leaving behind the only life you’ve ever known, taking only what you can carry, and holding the hand of your spouse, your child, or your elder parent.  Imagine being hungry and thirsty in the desert, and longing for the comforts of home.   Try to envision yourself as Moses, Miriam, Aaron, Joshua and the other leaders of this freedom community.   Finally, imagine meeting God face-to-face and being given the name above all names.  It is so powerful!

And now, turn your attention to the gospel readings for this week.  We continue walking with Jesus on his journey– his face toward Jerusalem, predicting and anticipating his arrest, torture and death.  Jesus is getting more intense.  Can you feel it?  Can you imagine the power and energy of his entrance into the holy city as the crowds shouted praise and spread their cloaks on the road?  Witness our Lord’s dramatic acts in the Temple.  See him get angry at a fig tree.  Listen to his parables about the vineyard, the tenants, and the wedding banquet – can you find yourself in these stories?  And when Jesus says, “Woe to you….”where do you stand?  Yes, Blessed is the One who comes in the name of our God.  Hosanna in the highest!

Finally, pay attention to the words of the Psalter this week.  Try to hear these psalms in light of all that is happening in the world around us.  And remember – they are prayers petitions, and intercessions, as well as songs of thanksgiving and praise.  So read them with prayerful intention.  Let the words of the psalmist offer the words of your own heart.

Since Halloween Trick ‘r Treat has been cancelled or postponed, I’m looking forward to seeing those of you who can join me this evening for our weekly Bible Challenge check-in at 7:30p.m.  And don’t forget Choral Evensong at 6:00p.m. followed by community supper at 7p.m.







  1. Robin Oppmann says:

    Thank you Tracey for your great insights for this week.. So very relieved and elated about the election but we have little power here, internet etc and so many had so much damage.. We are so lucky that no one was seriously hurt but much clean up… Was feeling very isolated until I read your blog, many thanks, Robin