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The Bible Challenge

In honor of Dean Lind’s silver anniversary of ordination, she has decided to re-read the Bible cover to cover in 365 days. Join her in this Cathedral-wide challenge to read the Bible daily to completion. Register for the challenge by subscribing to the Bible Challenge email list. You’ll receive weekly reflections from Dean Lind and other participants.



A Message from Dean Lind

One of my favorite collects in the Book of Common Prayer implores us to “read, mark and inwardly digest” the scriptures, and I do my best to follow this mandate on a daily basis. However, like many of you, I read snippets of the Bible over and over again. I’ve got my favorite passages that I return to for counsel, solace, and encouragement. Click here to read the entire letter.


Bible Challenge Invitation

Dear Friends in Christ,

I am delighted that so many of you have accepted the invitation to join me for the Trinity Bible Challenge, a one-year pilgrimage through Holy Scripture. We begin Monday, Oct. 8. If you have not signed up, or you want to recruit a companion for your pilgrimage, it’s not too late. You may register online. The Bible Challenge is open to all: friends, neighbors, coworkers – whether or not they attend Trinity. Even if they aren’t in the Cleveland area, they can subscribe online and participate remotely.

As preparation, if you don’t already have one, you will need to get yourself a Bible. Some of you have asked what translation to use. Personally, I recommend the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), and I like the Oxford Annotated edition or the HarperCollins Study Bible. Both of them have good footnotes, outlines and background material. You can also read the Bible online or on a Kindle. We have listed a couple of online Bibles that may be of interest. Personally, I don’t find it as satisfying. I like holding the book in my hand. And one website to purchase an audio Bible is www.hendrickson.comClick here to read the entire letter.


Bible Challenge Check-Ins Wednesdays at 7:30 p.m.

Discuss what you’ve been reading with Dean Lind and other Bible Challenge participants at these meetings. Even if you don’t take the challenge, come and join a lively conversation about Holy Scripture! Learn more about Trinity’s Wednesday evening programs here.

Related Resources

The Bible Challenge: Read the Bible in a Year Edited by Marek P. ZabriskieForward Movement, Cincinnati Ohio, 2012 This book was developed to help Bible Challenge participants and provides a meditation, questions and a prayer for each days readings. Copies are available for purchase online.

The Center for Biblical Studies

In January of 2011 St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church started a ministry called The Bible Challenge. The Rev. Marek P. Zabriskie, Rector of St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church andfounder and executive director of The Bible Challenge and The Center for Biblical Studies, says that as a priest he has found that reading the Bible every day has had a major impact on his life, family, his relationship with God and his outlook on life. The Center for Biblical Studies was created to introduce The Bible Challenge to people around the world.